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On July 6, 2021, the Government of Ontario announced the establishment of iGaming Ontario™, a subsidiary of the AGCO, as a separate and distinct legal entity to conduct and manage Ontario’s open and competitive igaming market. Please visit the July 6 blog post for more information.

To learn more about iGaming Ontario and its role in supporting the province’s plans to create a safe, regulated and competitive internet gaming market in Ontario, visit the iGaming Ontario website.

AGCO opens registration portal to interested igaming operators and suppliers

Internet gaming operators and gaming-related suppliers may begin preparing their applications for registration with the AGCO through the regulator’s online service portal, iAGCO.

The AGCO has opened up the registration application site as early as possible knowing it will take time for applicants to prepare, collect and submit all required information and supporting documentation. Applicants are encouraged to provide as complete an application as possible to ensure timely processing. Read this blog post for more information.

Registrar Standards for Internet Gaming

The AGCO has released the finalized Registrar’s Standards for Internet Gaming that are expected to be applicable to registered igaming Operators and Gaming-Related Suppliers when the regulated igaming market is launched in Ontario.

To help Operators and Suppliers prepare in advance for the launch of their igaming products in the regulated market, the AGCO is providing advance access to the Registrar Standards for Internet Gaming as well as a supporting document with Frequently Asked Questions.

igaming Operator Application Guide Now Available

The AGCO has created an igaming Operator Application Guide to help prepare internet gaming (igaming) operators in advance of registration opening on iAGCO. igaming operators can use this guide to prepare their application and begin gathering supporting documentation. Further materials that support igaming applicants are being developed.

An application guide to assist igaming suppliers will also be released shortly.

Some context on igaming

In the November 2020 Budget, the Government of Ontario announced that the province will conduct and manage a regulated igaming market through a subsidiary of the AGCO to manage the igaming commercial relationship between Ontario and private igaming operators. The Registrar’s role as regulator will remain unaltered and independent of the igaming subsidiary’s commercial role in the conduct and management of the igaming market. View our Nov 6 blog post on this topic.

On March 3, 2021, the Ministry of the Attorney General and the Ministry of Finance announced that they were seeking feedback to inform the establishment of a competitive market that will bring internet gaming operators into Ontario’s legal igaming market with a robust consumer protection framework. Visit the government’s website to read the discussion paper. The discussion period was open to receive feedback until April 16, 2021.

On March 30, the AGCO opened an igaming engagement portal and is undertaking a series of engagements on key technical components of the igaming model with the understanding that the AGCO and iGaming Ontario will establish reasonable and streamlined requirements. To participate, register today.

The AGCO is committed to engaging with stakeholders in advance of the establishment of Ontario’s new framework for igaming to understand the anticipated effectiveness and impacts of proposed standards, programs and processes, and to adjust based on feedback where possible and appropriate. Feedback provided through these engagements will be used by the AGCO to inform the regulatory framework, and by iGaming Ontario in its operations. 

Independent Testing Labs (ITLs) can start their application via the iAGCO online portal to be registered as a Gaming-Related Supplier. Read this blog post for more information and guidance on how to apply.

Input Opportunities on the Engagement Portal Include

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Registered Independent Testing Labs

View the Independent Testing Labs Registered for igaming in Ontario blog post for more information.

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