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The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) is Ontario’s regulator for the alcohol, cannabis, horse racing, and lottery and gaming sectors, including the recently expanded provincial internet gaming (igaming) market. The AGCO strives to be at the forefront of modern industry regulation, while maintaining high regulatory standards and its steadfast commitment to protect the public interest for the sectors it regulates.

Under the Agencies and Appointments Directive, the AGCO is annually required to provide a multi-year Business Plan to the Attorney General. This Business Plan sets out its core strategy for the next three fiscal years, including key initiatives that will be undertaken in support of this strategy.

The current Strategic Plan sets out the following strategic goals: Modern Regulator, Service Excellence, and People First. These three goals support the achievement of its mandate and key government objectives for enhanced accountability and efficiency in delivering public services; supporting evidence-based decision making and policy development; maintaining the focus on protecting consumers and the public interest; and working with regulated industries to reducing administrative burden on businesses to drive economic growth in Ontario.

As the AGCO’s five-year Strategic Plan reaches the end of its intended cycle, it has prioritised the development of the next strategic planning framework. In the meantime, the AGCO remains focused on its current strategic goals to meet its regulatory mandate within Ontario’s alcohol, cannabis, horse racing, and lottery and gaming sectors.

For 2024-2025 the AGCO will focus on advancing the following priorities:

  • Continue to support our regulated businesses through modernization initiatives and the reduction of unnecessary regulatory burden.
  • Continue working to consider the AGCO’s licensing fees across all regulated sectors through cost recovery framework.
  • Work towards implementing the remaining recommendations from the Office of the Auditor General’s 2020 Value for Money Audit of the AGCO.
  • Support the government’s objectives and policy development activities related to modernizing Ontario's beverage alcohol retail marketplace while maintaining the commitment to the safe and responsible sale, service, delivery and consumption of alcohol.
  • Continue to build a robust open market for cannabis retail sales while combatting the illegal market and to keep youth and communities safe.

Under this Business Plan the AGCO will continue to advance its work related to:

  • Collecting, sharing, and managing data to drive data-driven decision-making.
  • Enhancing new digital practices and technologies to deliver simpler, faster, better services to Ontarians.
  • Continuing to implement its multiyear Diversity, Inclusion, and Accessibility strategy to promote an equitable and inclusive workplace.

The AGCO will continue to apply its risk-based, outcomes-based, and compliance-focused approach to regulation, to provide greater flexibility for regulated entities in terms of how they achieve regulatory compliance. This approach enables the AGCO to more effectively manage risks while prioritizing resources, to regulate in a way that is fair and responsive to sector needs while protecting the public interest.