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The AGCO’s corporate communications function provides a range of services and products that help to deliver on its strategic objectives in a way that cultivates relationships of trust, understanding, and support with its internal and external stakeholders.  

The AGCO’s “Digital by Default” communications approach places a priority on digital communications to inform and engage with the public, its customers, and employees. It does so by leveraging digital channels and taking advantage of the benefits of rich, omni-channel media to support its overall modern regulatory approach.  

Communication activities that will be a focus for 2024-2027 include media relations, crisis communications, brand strategy, digital communications for internal and external stakeholders, and channel content development. Communications planning and support for initiatives and stakeholder engagement activities will continue to be a priority. These services help the AGCO provide stakeholders with the tailored, clear information that matters to them at the right time and in the right place, in plain language, while acting in the public interest.  

The AGCO continuously monitors its communications strategies and products for usability, engagement, and in response to changing government priorities. The AGCO continues to refine its communication approaches and has developed rapid response strategies to support government announcements and distribute important information in a timely manner.  

Initiatives and Products  

Rapid response to emerging issues  

Working collaboratively with policy, legal, operations, and compliance services, the corporate communications team has established processes to allow strategic and timely communications in response to emerging issues. This includes providing tailored, strategic communications recommendations and planning, supported by the development of diverse products including news releases, information bulletins, direct emails to licensees and registrants, and fact sheets for AGCO’s front line Inspectors and Contact Centre agents. French-language products and Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) compliant content is developed for all public-facing communications products.  

AGCO Website  

The website,, is the primary public-facing information and communication channel for the AGCO and its stakeholders. This site is also the gateway to iAGCO, the online service delivery portal.  

The Website Upgrade and Redevelopment Project is underway. It will improve site usability, content, and architecture to address issues, improve user experience, and support the AGCO’s Service Excellence objectives.  

The AGCO measures several key website performance indicators. These analytic reports help gauge how well the site is contributing to business objectives including: making it easy for users to find and understand the information they need, simplifying customer access to AGCO services, communicating and reinforcing the AGCO’s brand and value, and providing content that is accessible and available to users in both official languages. The AGCO also captures direct user feedback to better understand how easily they can find the information they require. All of this is with the goal of continually improving the site to meet the needs of the AGCO’s stakeholders.  

AGCO Engagement Website  

The AGCO also maintains an engagement website, The site allows interested stakeholders to follow and participate in engagement opportunities to provide input on AGCO projects, policies, and initiatives.  

Social Media  

As the AGCO’s public profile evolves, it continues to refine its approach to social media and community engagement. To best advance its overarching objectives, its social media strategy, guidelines and mechanisms are reviewed on an ongoing basis. On the AGCO social media channel, information about all new applications for liquor licences and cannabis retail stores are published with links to the process for how members of the public can share their views or concerns.  

To align with the Ontario Public Service’s digital objectives, the AGCO continues to pursue a digital first strategy and is implementing relevant tools to promote an improved digital footprint.

Brand Strategy  

A new brand strategy project will be undertaken for the AGCO in this planning cycle. A strong brand strategy and narrative will serve to support the new strategic plan and emphasize the value of this work to Ontarians by developing better clarity about the AGCO’s role. Ontarians’ understanding of the AGCO will be further strengthened through the development of supporting brand elements that will help to articulate the critical work the AGCO conducts in the interest of the public.  

Ongoing Programs  

Media Relations  

With the launch of Ontario’s new igaming market, licensing of retail cannabis stores, the modernization of liquor, and changes to horse racing regulations, the AGCO is increasingly in the public eye, with media inquiries continuing to rise. The AGCO is now receiving over 400 media inquiries each year, including those from newspapers, radio, magazines, web-based news blogs, and television. The AGCO strives to respond to these requests in a timely and transparent way. To support a consistent and strategic approach, a new Media Relations Policy and procedures will be developed in 2024.