Section 6: Staffing, Human Resources, and Compensation Strategy

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There are several key Human Resources priorities and initiatives that support the achievement of the AGCO’s People First Strategic goal.

Diversity, Inclusion & Accessibility    

The AGCO retained KPMG in 2021 to develop a comprehensive Diversity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DI&A) strategy to address the concerns and needs of the diverse workforce, as well as foster an inclusive work environment, free from racism and discrimination. The strategy has been translated into a multi-year workplan. The AGCO conducted an employee census to establish baseline diversity demographic information about the workforce to enhance ability to invest in employee development and succession planning. The census will be administered annually. Speaking events, learning workshops, and resources are provided to AGCO employees throughout the year to build awareness and skills to confront anti-Black racism, advance Truth and Reconciliation, and create safer and inclusive spaces for 2SLGBTQ+ communities. A specific DI&A leadership competency has been created to help define expectations of employees and inform training solutions to support the goal of building individual and organizational capacity. Diversity, equity, inclusion and anti-racism principles and practices are being embedded into Human Resources and Organizational Development programs and processes, for example recruitment, human resource policies, and leadership development programs.  

Hybrid Work model

The Hybrid Work model supports the needs of employees to balance their work and home lives, while maintaining an engaged, productive workforce. It enables AGCO employees, where operationally feasible, to work from multiple locations, such as from home and other locations within Ontario. The AGCO is following the directive set out by the provincial government and has started the transition to working in-office at minimum three days per week. Efforts will be made to foster social connections and support purpose driven gatherings. The model will continue to be monitored for effectiveness and continuous optimization will be regularly explored.  

Well-Being Program

Employee well-being continues to remain a top priority at the AGCO. There are activities and campaigns planned to regularly communicate and remind employees of internal and external resources available focusing on total well-being under all pillars of health (i.e., mental, financial, physical, and social).  

Wellness topics are focused on the top health risks of our employees which is based on data collected through the use of benefits by employees to ensure that the resources provided are useful and beneficial to employees.  

Competencies and Performance Development

Competencies are the fundamental personal characteristics and behaviours that are crucial predictors of exceptional job performance at the AGCO.  Recently the core competencies were refreshed to support our growth and success within the organization.  

The AGCO will be reviewing the current Performance Development framework to align the current program to the new core competencies and compensation strategy and apply best practices to support employee performance.

Leadership Development / Succession planning

To support succession planning, the AGCO has begun the launch of a new suite of leadership development programs to support the growth of our new and existing leaders in the organization at various levels of leadership. These include:  

  • The New Leader Onboarding Program is designed to support new leaders with their arrival and provide a successful transition to their new role.  
  • The Emerging Leader Program is designed to provide aspiring leaders within the AGCO with foundational leadership skills connected to our core competencies.
  • The AGCO Leadership Academy Program is designed to further develop and enhance leadership skills, qualities, and competencies of the current management team.    

Employee Engagement

 The AGCO continues to conduct regular engagement pulse surveys and ensures continuous action planning and execution to strengthen the culture and workplace. Valuable insights have led to actions to address and improve several areas including career and professional development, and employee health and wellness. A comprehensive Employee Engagement Survey is planned for the upcoming fiscal year.  

Operational Excellence

The AGCO is committed to ensuring operational excellence in all aspects of Human Resources programs and processes, including:

  • Talent Acquisition is a key agency-wide process that will be regularly reviewed to implement best practices, be forward-thinking and leverage the latest sourcing approaches to attract and retain talent. Greater emphasis on establishing improved AGCO branding will be integral in establishing it as a “known” and coveted place to work.  
  • New technologies for employee experience will be leveraged to enhance the interactions of our employees, as well as, exploring greater self-service options. 
  • A critical eye will be applied to core processes/programs to streamline and bring efficiencies to core processes, to reduce red-tape and provide for clear, relevant information upfront to provide the best service to AGCO employees.  

Bargaining Agent

The bargaining unit for the AGCO is OPSEU Local 565, which represents 73% of the AGCO’s workforce.

Organizational Chart


Text version of organizational structure

    1. Chair and Board of the AGCO
    2. Horse Racing Appeal Panel (HRAP) (an independent adjudicative body appointed by the Board of the AGCO)
    3. iGaming Ontario Board
  2. Chief Executive Officer and Registrar
    1. Communications and Service Experience Division
      1. Communications
      2. Service Strategy and Experience
    2. Corporate Services Division
      1. Finance and Administration
      2. Human Resources and Training
      3. Risk Management, Internal Audit
      4. Change Management
      5. Project Management Office
    3. Information & Information Technology Division
      1. Business Optimization and Insights
      2. Enterprise Data & Analytics
      3. IT Strategic Planning and Management
      4. Digital Product Management
      5. Enterprise Architecture
      6. IT Operations
      7. Cybersecurity
      8. Service Desk
    4. Investigation and Enforcement Bureau
      1. Investigations
      2. Intelligence and Investigative Support
    5. Legal Services Division
      1. Litigation Services
      2. Corporate Services
      3. Advisory Services and Legal Drafting
    6. Operations Division
      1. Compliance Services
      2. Audit & Financial Investigations
      3. Regulatory Compliance
      4. Licensing and Registration
      5. Regulatory Assurance
      6. Technology Regulation and igaming compliance
      7. Anti-Money Laundering
    7. Corporate Affairs, Strategic Policy and Planning Division
      1. Corporate Affairs
      2. Board Governance and Relations
      3. HRAP Secretariat
      4. Strategic Policy and Planning
      5. Strategic Engagement

AGCO Headcount (as of September 30, 2023)

Part-Time Permanent0505
Seconded from other Ministries0011
AGCO Total 11742440581
Ontario Provincial Police   -    -    - 149
Board of Directors   -    -    - 6
HRAP Members   -    -    - 7