Primary Applications and Licence Types - Business-Related




  • Permits an individual or ownership entity who does not have a valid AGCO licence to claim a race horse.
  • Note: A claiming certificate is issued for one year and is valid for one successful claim. Once a horse is successfully claimed using the Claiming Certificate, the certificate becomes void, and the new owner/ownership entity must then apply for a Horseperson-Owner licence and (if applicable) a stable, or partnership licence.
  • If you are an AGCO licensee and wish to claim a horse in a breed you are not currently licensed for, you will need to apply for a Claiming Certificate. Example: If you are a Standardbred licensee who wishes to claim a Thoroughbred horse. 



  • Permits a lessee to register their relationship with an Owner (lessor) as it pertains to the leasing of the racing qualities of a Thoroughbred or Quarter Horse.
  • Note: The lessee and the lessor must have a valid AGCO Owner Licence. 



  • Permits a stable or multiple ownership entity that owns all or part of a race horse(s), such as a corporation or a legal partnership, to participate in horse racing in Ontario.  Members of the stable are required to hold an AGCO Horseperson-Owner licence.  Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse Owners or   entities holding 5% or more of any entity must be licensed appropriately for that ownership (Owner, Stable licence)  For Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse-Any owners and or entities holding less than 5% may still be required to be licensed if they have an interest in more than one racing entity. One or more of the following constituting documents must may be required to be uploaded: Certificate or Articles of Incorporation; Charter/By-Laws; Partnership Agreement; Limited Partnership Agreement; Limited Partnership Declaration; Shareholder’s Agreement; Trust Agreement; Letter of Good Standing; any other constituting documentation relevant to the entity.



  • Permits a racing partnership of multiple owners that own all or part of a Thoroughbred or Quarter Horse race horse(s) to participate in horse racing in Ontario.
  • Note: No horse will be permitted to race unless all individuals required are licensed pursuant to the Rules of Racing. Any individual or entity holding or controlling five per cent (5%) or more of an entity must be licensed appropriately for that ownership (e.g. Owner, Stable Licence).



  • Permits an estate or trust that owns all or part of a race horse(s) to participate in horse racing in Ontario.
  • Note: An active Horseperson-Owner licence can transferred to an Estate/Trust licence.  In addition to the Estate/Trust licence, the  Executor(s) of an Estate are required to hold a valid AGCO Owner licence.