The following items are not required with the initial application, however, we recommend you submit them as soon as possible to ensure your licence is issued in a timely fashion.

  • Municipal Notification (Note: Only applicable to Teletheatre and Special Event Teletheatre applicants) 
    • Provide correspondence from your local municipality confirming that the site is properly zoned for use.
  • Agency Letters of Approval (“Compliance Letters”) (Note: Only applicable to Racetrack Site applicants)
    • Three Agency Letters of Approval (“compliance letters”) are required (Note: Not applicable to Operator: Pari-Mutuel Operations):
      • Building Department (Building Code Act, 1992)
      • Fire Protection Officer or Fire Marshal (Fire Protection and Prevention Act, 1997)
      • Public Health Department (Health Protection & Promotion Act)
    • Compliance letters that indicate your premises meets the current standards or by-laws administered by each agency are required. These letters must be signed and dated by the appropriate official.

You must scan and upload to iAGCO any required additional documents.