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Please initiate your application, renewal or submission well in advance of the day you intend to race.

If you are using iAGCO for the first time, see Getting Started with iAGCO before completing any transactions, including applications, renewals and regulatory submissions.

Using iAGCO services, you will conduct all of your horse racing-related transactions online.

You will:

  • Use an iAGCO account that requires a valid email address (See Getting Started with iAGCO)
  • Pay all fees online:
    • Methods of payments include Interac Online, Visa or MasterCard (including Visa/MasterCard Debit or pre-paid Visa/MasterCard)
    • Cash, cheques (including USD) are not accepted
  • Renew your AGCO licence(s) online (see Renewals)
  • Upload signed forms or other documents to complete your submission (See Uploading Documents)
  • Submit Changes to an Existing Licence or Registration
    • When reporting a change to an existing licence or registration, you must make what is known as a Regulatory Submission or Notification (See Regulatory Submissions)
  • Show Proof of a Valid Licence

Note: With the launch of iAGCO services, the AGCO no longer issues AGCO horse racing licence cards (licensee photo identification cards) or validation stickers.

Additional Notes

Standard Checks

  • You will no longer be issued a licence prior to completion of standard checks

Parental Consent

  • Applicants under 18 are required to submit a Parental Consent form.  Applicants under 10 may only be licensed as an owner, unless otherwise approved by the AGCO.
  • Applicants under 16 will require a Judge/Steward’s approval to obtain a licence.

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