4.28 Terms governing play must not be changed during a game session unless the player is made aware of the change before the player places any wagers in the game. (Also applicable to Gaming-Related Suppliers)

Requirements – At a minimum:

  1. Where applicable, game interface changes made by the player shall be appropriately limited by the gaming system to ensure that information and representation of the game remains fair and accurate and in accordance with the terms governing play.
  2. Information on the current state of multi-state games must be clearly displayed,
  3. Displays of jackpot amounts that change over time should be updated as frequently as practicable and particularly after the amount has been reset after a win.
  4. Odds in sport and event betting sometimes change prior to or during an event. Changes in odds must be updated and publicly available to all players. This is not intended to entitle a player who has previously placed a bet to receive new odds on that bet.

4.29 Game sessions must be appropriately secured and checked for authenticity. (Also applicable to Gaming-Related Suppliers)

4.30 There shall be a player activity time-out that automatically logs the player out or ends the player’s session after a specified period of inactivity. (Also applicable to Gaming-Related Suppliers)

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