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Measuring performance enables the AGCO to improve program effectiveness by setting targets, assessing data, and evaluating the results. Through continuous evaluation and feedback, the AGCO is able to achieve key objectives that are identified in the AGCO Strategic Plan.

The results from these measures, shown in the table below, demonstrate that in 2021-22, while the AGCO was recovering from the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has successfully and will continue endeavouring to meet or surpass minimum agency targets in most respects. The achievement of these measures results from a number of overarching projects and initiatives at the AGCO, including:

  • the continuous optimization of iAGCO;

  • a continued focus on stakeholder engagement and an enhanced approach to stakeholder education;

  • a modern regulatory approach that is risk-based, outcomes-based and compliance-focused;

  • a “Future of Work” model that provides the tools and flexibility necessary for a positive employee experience post-COVID; and

  • the development of a strategy to address diversity, inclusion, and accessibility at the AGCO.

The AGCO is committed to further developing an agency-wide performance strategy. To meet this commitment, the AGCO has created a new Business Optimization and Insights unit, which will continue to engage in multi-year goal setting and a refinement of its approach to linking resource planning and performance measurement. The goal is to develop a robust performance measurement framework at the AGCO to support transparency, accountability and regulatory compliance.

Modern Regulator

Digital-First - AGCO provides user-based services and information through multiple windows and service channels anytime and anywhere.


% of users choosing to go digital where available1 meets or exceeds the target of 85%
2020 89.6%
2021 93% (last 90 days)


Service Excellence

Service Experience - AGCO employs service-centered design that optimizes the service experience, engages customers proactively, and identifies opportunities for improvements.


Online application time (in days)2 meets or is lower than target of 20 days
2020 45 days3
2021 40 days3 (last 90 days)


% of clients satisfied with services4 meets or exceeds target of 75%.
2020 74%
2021 64.8%5 (last 90 days)

Value for Money- AGCO ensures value per transaction (internal and external) with a focus on streamlining processes and reducing regulatory burden.


% of applications for SOPs auto-issued meets or exceeds target of 90%
2020 40.4%6
2021 85.9% (last 90 days)


% of first contact resolution (Percentage of calls that were resolved to full customer satisfaction at the first point of contact7)
2020 84.3%
2021 94% (last 90 days)

People First

Employee Experience - The level of engagement and enablement is directly correlated with higher productivity, increased motivation, and job satisfaction.


% of AGCO staff who would recommend AGCO as a place to work meets or exceeds target of 75%.
2020 86% (March)
2021 91% (May)


% of AGCO staff who believe their ideas and suggestions count meets or exceeds target of 70%.
2020 76% (May)
2021 75% (July)

 Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility- The cultivation of a workforce that is reflective of Ontario’s diversity, an inclusive culture free of discrimination and harassment and service delivery that is accessible, culturally aware, relevant and responsive.


% of AGCO staff who believe the AGCO is making progress on its DI&A commitment
2021 89% (May)


% of AGCO staff who feel able to bring their “whole selves” to work
2021 85% (May)

1 Includes applications and complaints.

2 Includes new, renewal and amendment applications completed on the iAGCO portal.

3 COVID-19 has caused: a) a decrease in applications, which has allowed AGCO staff to address the existing backlog, causing a one-time increase in the application turnaround timeframe; and b) a decrease in auto-issued applications (SOPs), which typically have very short turnaround times. An open market for cannabis licensing and authorizations was introduced in 2020, which requires due diligence and therefore results in higher turnaround time.

4 Average based on AGCO website, iAGCO portal and telephone calls.

5 iAGCO survey results fluctuated significantly over the past year due to changes in service volumes directly related to COVID restrictions.

6 These numbers were affected by COVID-19. When looking at Q1: 84.3%; between March and September 30th, the number dropped to 51.8%.

7 Percentage of calls that were resolved to full customer satisfaction at the first point of contact by the contact centre.

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