Licence fees are due in full at time of issuance. Fees can be paid by cash, cheque, debit or credit card (not available at all locations). Some pro-rating exceptions can be made at the discretion of the AGCO licensing agent. Pre-requisites are required for obtaining various licences.

Standardbred Fee Schedule

Individual licence fees charged by the AGCO for participation in Standardbred horse racing in Ontario are as follows:

Licence Category  Fee Amount (CAD)
New Applicant $20.00
Owner $100.00
Trainer $100.00
Driver (includes Trainer by default) $100.00
Rider $100.00
Groom $20.00
Veterinarian $130.00
Authorized Agent $100.00
Stable/Corporate Manager $100.00
Tradesperson $45.00
Pari-Mutuel $30.00
Occupational $20.00
Program (Breeder) $20.00
Association Official No charge
Commission Official No charge
Stable $200.00
Estate/Trust $50.00
Administrative Fees
Claiming Certificate $25.00
Duplicate Licence Card $15.00
NSF Administrative Charge $35.00


Cheque or money orders are payable to the Minister of Finance.

Please contact the AGCO Head Office for rate of exchange for payment in US funds.

Licence fees for individuals and entities are for a 1-year period. Licences issued to individuals for Standardbred racing are renewed annually on a birthdate cycle. Licences issued to entities for Standardbred racing are renewed annually according to the calendar year and expire on December 31st. Pro-rated fees are available in specific cases, please contact an AGCO Horse Racing Licensing Agent for further information. Reciprocal licensing is not currently available in Ontario

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