As the regulator for private cannabis retail in Ontario, the AGCO has the authority to license, regulate and enforce the sale of recreational cannabis in privately run stores in Ontario.

All owners and operators of cannabis retail stores are subject to the provincial Cannabis Licence Act, 2018 and its regulations, and the AGCO’s Registrar Standards. These are intended to ensure that only responsible and lawful businesses and people receive licenses to own and operate cannabis stores. They aim to minimize the public risk of cannabis store operations and allow for ongoing monitoring of the operation of these businesses.   

This portal is intended as a source of information for applicants and holders of a Retail Operator Licence and/or a Retail Store Authorization. Use the resources below to help you apply for a licence or authorization, or to better understand your obligations.

NOTE: On December 13, 2018, the Government of Ontario announced that a temporary cap of 25 Retail Store Authorizations would be imposed while cannabis supply stabilizes. As set out in Ontario Regulation 468/18, the Government of Ontario gave the AGCO the mandate to hold a lottery to determine who may apply for Retail Operator Licences. For more information, please see Expression of Interest Lottery.

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