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The AGCO is responsible for regulating and overseeing licensed lottery events (such as bingo, raffles and the sale of break open tickets) conducted by eligible charitable and religious organizations to raise funds to support charitable purposes. 

As part of the AGCO’s regulatory responsibilities in the charitable sector, the AGCO administers, in partnership with municipalities, the regulatory framework governing the issuance of charitable lottery licences.  

The AGCO is the only licensing authority for electronic raffles in Ontario. The AGCO recognizes in the future, municipalities and First Nations with licensing authority may license charities to conduct and manage electronic raffles. 

Order-in-Council 208/2024 provides that the Registrar of Alcohol, Gaming and Racing and municipal councils may issue lottery licences to charitable organizations. The AGCO and municipalities work together to ensure that the legal requirements, including terms and conditions of the licences, are complied with by lottery licensees and any gaming suppliers used by the charities. The Registrar has issued a Lottery Licensing Policy Manual (LLPM) which is used to determine eligibility for a lottery licence and for the use of proceeds.  The LLPM sets out the types of lottery schemes for which a licence may be issued. The Registrar also issues “terms and conditions” for lottery licences, which provide detailed information on the conduct and management of licensed lottery events, and which may be supplemented by municipalities.

This portal is intended to provide information, tools and resources for municipalities to better understand the regulatory framework that applies to charitable lottery licensing.

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