2.08 A systematic approach is used to support, integrate, and disseminate information to enable players to make informed decisions and encourage safer play.

Requirements – At a minimum:

  1. Responsible gambling materials and information about obtaining help shall be available, visible and accessible to all players. Responsible gaming material should include information about:
    1. How games work and about common misconceptions,
    2. Lower risk gaming behaviours including how responsible gambling tools work,
    3. Gaming harms, and
    4. The variety of support services available to players, including information and support services available to players that may provide specialized information (e.g., self-assessment, and play management tools)
  2. Information about financial and time-based gaming limits shall be made available to all players.
  3. Information about self-exclusion programs shall be available, visible and accessible to all players.
  4. Advertising and marketing materials shall contain a responsible gambling message.
  5. All information related to responsible gambling shall be regularly and periodically reviewed and updated to ensure that it is accurate, up to date and in line with industry good practice.
  6. Operators will periodically measure whether players are aware of the information provided and whether they considered the information to be readily available.  Any gaps must be addressed. 

2.09 The registration page and pages within the player account shall prominently display a responsible gambling statement, the online link, as well as the number for Connex Ontario, and provide a link to a page that provides responsible gambling materials, information, resources and support for people experiencing problems with gaming.

Guidance: The referral to the page that provides responsible gambling materials and information about obtaining help in Ontario may be a page maintained by the Operator or a third party.

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