Identifying and Assisting Individuals Who May Be Experiencing Harm

2.10 A mechanism shall be in place to monitor player risk profiles and behaviours for the purpose of detecting signs of players potentially experiencing harm.

Requirement – At a minimum,

  1. Operators shall include a risk profile for players at high-risk of experiencing gambling-related harm.

2.11 Assistance for players who may be experiencing harms from gaming is readily available and systematically provided.

Requirements – At a minimum:

  1. All employees who interact with players shall be knowledgeable about a variety of help resources and are able to provide that information upon request from players or affected others.
  2. Players shall be provided with easily accessible contact information of at least one organization in Ontario, dedicated to treating and assisting people experiencing harm from gaming.
  3. Operators shall develop and implement responsible gambling policies, procedures and training to assess, detect and address situations where players may be experiencing harm. In these cases, operators shall implement interventions that are tailored to the severity of the situations in which players may be experiencing harm.
  4. Responsible gambling policies shall be reviewed periodically for effectiveness.
  5. Live customer support shall be made available 24/7.