The AGCO’s Accessibility Plan and Policies are developed in accordance with the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation (IASR) under the AODA.  The Accessibility Plan and Policies outline the AGCO’s commitment and strategy to prevent and remove barriers and improve opportunities for internal stakeholders and the public with disabilities and address the current and future requirements of the AODA.  The AGCO will be conducting a review of our accessibility policies as part of a broader commitment to diversity, inclusion and accessibility in the coming year. Ongoing compliance with the AODA and IASR is a corporate priority for the AGCO.  The AGCO is committed to making all of its communications and publications accessible and continuing to meet the WCAG

The AGCO is always looking to consult with people living with disabilities to understand where there may be opportunities for continuous improvement.  These consultations will continue to assist the AGCO in better understanding the barriers that persons with disabilities may experience when accessing services provided by the AGCO.  This information will also inform mitigation strategies as part of the ongoing review and development of the AGCO’s Accessibility Plan and Policies.

All AGCO employees have received training on the requirements of Ontario’s accessibility laws, including the IASR and the Ontario Human Rights Code, 1990.  All new employees are also required to complete training at the start of their employment.

The AGCO conducted a staff diversity and inclusion survey in May 2019 and the feedback from the survey showed that there was an opportunity internally to increase awareness of the AGCO’s disability management program and practices.  A strategic awareness plan is being developed to increase employees’ familiarity with the program to help support and accommodate employees with disabilities.

AGCO’s Diverse Workforce Profile

42% of respondents are Millennials (slighly higher than overall AGCO profile of 36%)

52% of respondents are female (consistent with 50% in AGCO profile)

34% identify as a visible minority

3% are persons with a disability

31% are born outside of Canada 

40% are proficient in one or more languages beyond English

Results from Diversity & Inclusion survey conducted May 2019.

Results from Diversity & Inclusion survey conducted May 2019.

Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility Plan as of October, 2020

Text version of the Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility Plan as of October, 2020

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