10. Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility Plan

The AGCO’s Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility Plan supports the agency’s progress towards meeting the Strategic Goals outlined in the AGCO’s Strategic Plan. Building a culture of inclusion as an employer and service supplier aligns with the Strategic Goals of creating a Rewarding Workplace and providing a Quality Service Experience. 

In addition, this strategy will help the AGCO to fulfill its broader mandate to regulate the alcohol, gaming and horse racing sectors in accordance with the principles of honesty and integrity, and in the public interest by ensuring that accessibility and inclusion are fundamental to the agency’s operations. In 2016, the AGCO made a significant effort to increase awareness by delivering “cultural competency” training to all staff and management. The program has now been incorporated into the AGCO’s onboarding program for new hires. A key goal in the next fiscal year is to conduct a demographic survey to gain a better understanding of the AGCO’s workforce and to work towards developing plans for bridging gaps that are identified through the survey.

Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility Plan as of Dec, 2018. Text version available.

Text version