7. Information Technology / Electronic Service Delivery

AGCO’s Information Technology plan will continue to focus on building and maturing its strategy around electronic service delivery.

With the initial 3 phases of iAGCO completed, a number of legacy systems centered around liquor and gaming have been migrated to iAGCO. In addition to being the future platform for multiple legacy systems, the iAGCO platform will be the core electronic service delivery enabler in the organization’s ability to implement the new Cannabis Retail line of business.

Through the implementation of iAGCO, customers across all lines of business with have the ability to conduct their business with AGCO online. By the end of January 2019, all applications processed through iAGCO, will be processed online.  This is a stark contrast to the paper-based forms required for processing with the supporting legacy systems.

AGCO’s Regulatory Intelligence (RI) Platform will be a key contributor in the agency realizing its strategic goal of becoming a modern regulator. RI will help provide valuable insight into the sectors we regulate, supporting AGCO’s risk-based approach to regulation.

Quality data is central to the enablement of our analytics capabilities. As a result, AGCO will be expanding the development of a Data Governance practice to ensure the improvement and integrity or our data assets as well as maximizing availability.

The mobility of the AGCO’s workforce is becoming a key differentiator and supporting our goal of being a Modern Regulator, both in terms of remote work strategies and increasing mobile access to accurate, timely and relevant data in the field.

As AGCO continues to evolve as a Modern Regulator, AGCO is developing a data centre strategy that will support the organization’s operational and strategic requirements today and into the future. Leveraging the most appropriate platforms to provide the agility and resilience our constituents have come to expect.