13. Performance Measures & Targets

The AGCO’s approach to performance measurement enables the agency to improve program effectiveness by promoting a focus on results, service quality and value for money through continued targeting, monitoring, and evaluation of results.

Performance measures are an integral component of the AGCO’s strategic planning process. Effective strategic planning requires continuous feedback on progress towards achieving stated objectives, through performance measures aligned with the Strategic Goals identified in the AGCO Strategic Plan.

In keeping with the principle of a ‘critical few’ performance measures, the selected measures (see Appendix B) are intended to provide a broad overview of the AGCO’s activities, but are not intended to measure all facets of the agency’s operations. As part of the enhanced planning framework, performance measures will continue to be developed for the corporate and divisional plans which are intended to be more granular and project-specific in nature.

The 2017-18 fiscal year marks the fifth year of the AGCO’s current strategic performance measures. The results from these measures, shown above, demonstrate that in 2017-18 the AGCO has met or surpassed minimum agency targets in every respect. The achievement of these measures results from a number of overarching projects and initiatives at the AGCO, including:

  • the introduction of iAGCO;
  • a renewed focus on stakeholder engagement and an enhanced approach to stakeholder education;
  • a modern regulatory approach which is risk-based, compliance-focused, and outcomes-based; and
  • the introduction of numerous services to support a rewarding workplace for employees.

The AGCO is committed to ensuring that agency-wide performance measures support the goals outlined in its Strategic Plan. To meet this commitment, the AGCO will continue to engage in multi-year goal setting and continue to refine its approach to linking resource planning and performance measurement to support a results-oriented organization.