11. Multi-Year Accessibility Plan

The AGCO’s Accessibility Plan and Policies were first published in January 2013 and were developed in accordance with the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation (IASR) under the AODA. The Plan outlines the AGCO’s commitment and strategy to prevent and remove barriers and improve opportunities for people with disabilities and address the current and future requirements of the AODA. The plan serves as a framework for how the AGCO will continue to educate and engage its employees in identifying, preventing and removing barriers to aid the organization to better serve the public, and refine its policies and practices with respect to accessibility.

Since the initial publication of its Accessibility Plan and Policies, the AGCO has implemented many of the requirements outlined in the plan and participated in supporting activities, including consultation sessions with persons with disabilities and the organizations that serve, represent or advocate on their behalf. These activities continue to assist the AGCO in better understanding the barriers that persons with disabilities often experience when accessing services and have informed mitigation strategies and the ongoing review and development of AGCO’s Accessibility Plan and Policies.

To ensure the AGCO continues to meet the requirements under the AODA, and that its policies remain effective, the AGCO has implemented a number of ongoing initiatives and policies in recent years. For example, all current employees have received training on the requirements of Ontario’s accessibility laws, including the IASR and the Ontario Human Rights Code, 1990, with all new employees required to receive such training as soon as practicable. The AGCO maintains records of the individuals trained, and the dates on which training was received, via AGCO’s learning management system. Accessibility training resources and materials, as well as supplementary accessibility information and e-training modules, are available to staff at all times via the AGCO’s intranet.

The AGCO has also taken steps to ensure that its employees and the public are aware of the availability of accommodations for disabilities, where needed, to support participation in all areas, such as undertaking a critical review of the AGCO’s recruitment processes to ensure all those interested in potentially joining the AGCO as an employee are aware of the AGCO’s policies with respect to accessibility and accommodations for persons with disabilities. As part of this review, several policies were updated, such as the AGCO’s Accommodation and Return to Work Policy and the Short-Term Income Protection Policy, as well as the Absence and Disability Management Program to help employees further manage their health and wellness.

In spring 2017, the AGCO launched a newly refreshed website which was designed to be compliant, both in design and functionality, with the AODA. The AGCO endeavors to make all of its communications and publications accessible and will ensure it continues to meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, Level A Standards when updates, upgrades or changes are made to its website. The AGCO will also continue to work to enhance the design and functionality of its website to conform to the WCAG 2.0 Level AA by January 1, 2021. The AGCO’s multi-year plan and its policies are reviewed annually and updated where necessary to inform the public on the AGCO’s progress. More information on planned and ongoing activities with respect to accessibility is available via the AGCO website.