A licence to deliver liquor allows for the delivery of liquor purchased or obtained from the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO), Brewer’s Retail Inc. (The Beer Store), an authorized grocery store that sells beer, wine or cider, a manufacturer’s on-site or off-site retail store or an eligible liquor licensed establishment to individuals, for a fee. For delivery of liquor from an eligible liquor licensed establishment, food sold by the licence holder at the licensed premises must be part of the order for delivery.

Licence holders are not selling liquor – they are acting as an agent for another person who is legally entitled to purchase or sell liquor.

Licensees may operate the service as their primary business, or in conjunction with other compatible services, such as a taxi, courier or food or grocery delivery business.  However, note that if the licence to deliver liquor is held directly or indirectly by an authorized grocery store selling beer, wine or cider, the licensee cannot purchase alcohol from that grocery store.

If an applicant for a licence to deliver liquor is a corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship, its business trade (operating) name must be registered with the Companies and Personal Property Security Branch.  Also note that corporations must file updated information with respect to officers and directors of a corporation with the Companies and Personal Property Security Branch on a regular basis.  For information and forms, please see the Ontario.ca, Central Forms Repository. Forms must be forwarded to Companies and Personal Property Security Branch for processing.

All alcohol-related transactions with the AGCO can now be completed online through the iAGCO web-based portal.

New licence term options are now available when applying for and renewing licences. Licensees are now able to select a two or four year term duration, with fees payable to match the length of the term. For a description of the new fee structure, please visit the Alcohol Licensing Fees page.

AGCO services for Ontario’s Liquor Delivery Services are now available online! For more information, please visit the iAGCO Information page.


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