Server and sale training approved by the AGCO Board is mandatory for all individuals involved in the sale, service, or sampling of liquor, or who are involved in taking orders for liquor from customers.

The following individuals must have successfully completed approved server and sale training as of the time they start work:

  • Holders of a manufacturer’s representative licence, including all managers and other persons, whether employed by or under contract to the holder, who are involved in taking orders from customers for the sale of liquor or in providing samples of liquor to customers for the purpose of encouraging the sale of liquor to them;
  • Staff at on-site and off-site manufacturer’s retail stores that are involved in the sale or sampling of liquor, including at temporary extensions of on-site winery retail store authorizations (i.e. Ontario Farmers’ Markets);
  • Any person who provides samples on behalf of a manufacturer;
  • Staff involved in the sale or sampling of beer, cider or wine at authorized grocery stores;
  • Liquor sales licence holders, including new licence applicants, licence transfer applicants and temporary transfer applicants intending to operate an establishment;
  • All managers, servers of liquor and security staff employed by the holder of a liquor sales licence;
  • Holders of a licence to deliver liquor, including all managers and other persons who are involved with taking liquor orders from customers or in the service or supply of liquor to customers;
  • Stadium licensees, their managers, servers and security staff;
  • Course marshals and employees dispensing liquor from vending carts on golf courses that hold a Golf Course Endorsement; and
  • Holders of caterer’s endorsements and servers and security staff working at catered events.

Other licensee employees may be subject to mandatory server and sale training where ordered by the AGCO (e.g. disciplinary cases).

Staff are encouraged to carry a copy of their certification card while they are working. AGCO Inspectors may ask for proof of a staff member’s certification at any time.

Smart Serve Training Program

Smart Serve® Ontario has been approved by the AGCO Board to develop and provide the Smart Serve® Training Program, and is currently the only approved server and sale training program in Ontario.

Please note that the AGCO still recognizes The Server Intervention Program certification issued prior to May 1995.

The Smart Serve® Training Program is available on video or on the Smart Serve® website at For more information about the Smart Serve® Training Program, please contact:

Smart Serve Ontario

5407 Eglinton Avenue West, Unit 105

Toronto, ON M9C 5K6

Tel. 416-695-8737  Toll-Free 1-877-620-6082  Fax 416-695-0684

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