All alcohol-related transactions with the AGCO must be completed online through the iAGCO web-based portal.

All transactions are offered online only. For more information, please visit the iAGCO Information page.

Licensees are able to select a two or four-year term duration, when applying for and renewing licences or authorizations, with fees payable to match the length of the term. For a description of the fee structure, please visit the Alcohol Licensing Fees page.

Licensees must complete the renewal application along with the appropriate alcohol licensing fees prior to the expiry date.  

If your application and fee are received on or before the expiry date, you will receive a Renewal Confirmation Notice allowing you to operate until you receive your licence.

If your renewal application is not received by the expiry date on your liquor licence, your licence will expire and you can no longer sell or serve alcohol.  Expired liquor licences cannot be renewed.  Keep in mind that you are prohibited under the Liquor Licence and Control Act, 2019 from selling/serving alcohol without a valid liquor licence.

If your Liquor Sales Licence has expired, you must complete and submit a new Liquor Sales Licence Application, which will result in you receiving a new licence number.

This application may be exempt from public notice. Please call Customer Service with the File Number once the application has been submitted.

For more information, contact the AGCO Customer Service Department toll free at 1-800-522-2876 or in Toronto at 416-326-8700.

Please note that your liquor sales licence renewal application will not be processed if your establishment owes money to the Ministry of Finance (retail sales tax).  It is your responsibility to contact the Ministry of Finance at 1-866-668-8297 to determine if you owe any money.  If you do, you must make arrangements to pay the outstanding amount.

Your liquor sales licence renewal application will also not be processed if there has been a change of ownership at the establishment that has not been previously reported to the AGCO.  If such a change has occurred, you must submit a liquor sales licence transfer application to the AGCO (see section below).

AGCO services for Ontario’s liquor sales licence holders are 100% online! For more information, please visit the iAGCO Information page.


Temporary Extensions

Important Update: Pursuant to section 153 of Regulation 746 made under the Liquor Licence and Control Act, 2019, filed on November 9, 2021, the Registrar of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, has approved a temporary physical extension of the premises, for the period beginning no earlier than November 29, 2021, until 3:00 a.m. on January 1, 2023, for those liquor sales licensees including premises that are boats and manufacturers with a by-the-glass endorsement that meet the following criteria, as applicable:

  1. The physical extension of the premises is adjacent to: (a) the premises to which the licence to sell liquor applies; or (b) a dock to which the boat is attached and may include land adjacent to the dock; or (c) the licensed premises under the by-the-glass endorsement to a Manufacturer’s Licence. 
  2. The municipality in which the premises is situated has indicated it does not object to an extension; 
  3. The licensee is able to demonstrate sufficient control over the physical extension of the premises;  
  4. There is no condition on the licence or endorsement prohibiting a patio;  
  5. The capacity of any new patio, or extended patio space where the licensee has an existing licensed patio, allows for at least 1.11 square metres per person; and 
  6. In the case of a by-the-glass endorsement to a Manufacturer’s Licence, the sale and service of the wine, beer and/or spirits manufactured by the manufacturer within the physical extension of the premises is primarily aimed at promoting the manufacturer’s product and either providing an enhanced tourist experience or fulfilling an educational purpose. 

The licensee is not required to submit documents to the AGCO to demonstrate compliance with the above criteria, however, licensees are required to produce such documents should the AGCO request them. 

Licensees that do not meet the above criteria are required to follow the usual application process for a temporary extension of premises and apply through iAGCO

If you do not meet the above criteria and still wish to apply for a temporary extension, please see below for more information on how to apply.

Licensees holding a valid liquor sales licence may submit an application to the AGCO to temporarily extend their:

  • existing licensed areas to an adjacent area (for instance to support a special event or occasion). In the case of a docked boat, the temporary physical extension is a dock to which the boat is attached, and may include land adjacent to the dock
  • hours of sales and service (for instance to support an event of municipal, provincial, national or international significance)

The Registrar may approve a temporary physical extension of the premises, if the extension is adjacent to the premises to which the licence applies or in the case of a boat, a dock to which the boat is attached, and may include land adjacent to the dock.

The application, including all supporting documentation, must be submitted by licensees online through the iAGCO portal and received 30 days in advance of the temporary extension/event. Event Organizers cannot submit applications on behalf of licensees. No licensing fee is required.


All liquor sales licences are issued to individuals, business partnerships or corporations, for operation at a specific location. The owner – as licensed with the AGCO – is responsible for the ongoing operation of the licence.

Changes in ownership (commonly referred to as licence transfers) must be approved by the AGCO. An application must be submitted online via the iAGCO portal for approval before the change is made.  

Licence transfers fall into two general categories:

  • A 100% change in ownership from that currently registered with the AGCO; or
  • A partial change in ownership from that currently registered with the AGCO.

If the licensee is a corporation, partnership or sole proprietorship, its business trade (operating) name must be registered with the Companies and Personal Property Security Branch. Also note that corporations must file updated information with respect to officers and directors of a corporation with the Companies and Personal Property Security Branch on a regular basis. Please see the, Central Forms Repository.  Forms must be forwarded to Companies and Personal Property Security Branch for processing.

Transfer with Authorization to Contract Out

An Authorization to Contract Out allows a transfer applicant to operate a licensed establishment until the licence is either transferred into the applicant´s name, the licence expires, or the AGCO refuses the transfer, whichever comes first.

During this period, both the current licence holder and the transfer applicant are responsible for the sale and service of alcohol.

The Authorization to Contract Out must be submitted to the AGCO with the transfer application, and appropriate alcohol licensing fee.

Note that a Personal Disclosure form for the person who will be responsible for managing the premises must be submitted and approved by the AGCO, before the Authorization to Contract Out becomes effective and the transfer applicant is permitted to sell and serve alcohol on the premises.

Check the expiry date of the licence, and have the licensee renew it (if necessary) to ensure it does not expire during the transfer period.

Corporate Rollover

You should apply for a transfer (corporate rollover) of a licence if:

  • An individual or a partnership decides to incorporate and become a corporation. In this case the individual or the partners must be the only officers and directors of the new corporation and a corporate structure form must be completed.
  • A corporation with a sole officer, director and shareholder decides to become a sole proprietor.
  • A corporation with more than one officer, director or shareholder decides to become a partnership and the officers, directors and shareholders are the only partners.

Temporary One Year Transfer of Licence

A premise with a valid liquor sales licence may be eligible for a one-year non-renewable transfer in order to dispose of the business in an orderly fashion, if the licensed premise is temporarily taken into possession by:

  • A trustee in bankruptcy
  • A court appointed receiver
  • A mortgagee (on the property)
  • A franchiser
  • A landlord by default of lease
  • An executor or administrator

An application for a Temporary Transfer must be completed by one of the eligible applicants listed above and forwarded to the AGCO along with the appropriate alcohol licensing fee.

Applicants may not sell, serve or permit consumption of alcohol on the premises until the temporary liquor sales licence has been issued by the AGCO.

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