Alcohol that has not been consumed must be removed from the premises at the end of the event. When returning unopened alcohol purchased from a government store, you must produce the permit and a copy of your payment records (e.g. receipts and/or invoices). Check with the retailer at which you purchased the alcohol for further details.

If a multiple day event permit is issued, the permit holder may store alcohol that is sold under the permit between event dates if the permit holder:

  • Identifies on the application, the location where the alcohol sold under the permit is to be stored;
  • Stores the alcohol in a secure area that is not a dwelling;
  • Ensures that the alcohol is stored separately from other alcohol not sold under the permit;
  • Provides the AGCO with a list of persons with access to the location; and
  • Ensures that the alcohol is made available to AGCO Compliance Officials and police officers for inspection upon request.

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