Tuesday, December 5, 2023

We’re delighted to share with you today that the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) was selected as one of Greater Toronto’s Top Employers for 2024. This annual designation recognizes employers for providing outstanding workplaces and best-practices for their employees. 

Each year, winners are evaluated and selected based on eight criteria:   

  1. workplace 
  2. work atmosphere and social 
  3. health, financial and family benefits 
  4. vacation and time-off 
  5. employee communications 
  6. performance management 
  7. training and skills development 
  8. community involvement 


Why the AGCO was selected 

Our people-first approach 

The AGCO’s people-first approach encompasses all eight criteria. Our workplace environment is positive, safe and inclusive, and we value work-life balance for all employees. We continually strive to integrate diversity, inclusion and accessibility sustainably into our operations to enhance our organizational effectiveness. Furthermore, we have numerous programs, initiatives and policies in place to develop employees’ wellbeing and growth and best serve the people of Ontario. 

A people-first organization involves being innovative, proactive, inclusive and socially responsible. It’s making sure people feel comfortable here so they can voice their opinions and thrive with excellence.” – Dr. Karin Schnarr, AGCO CEO & Registrar 

Our learning and coaching culture 

The AGCO is committed to being a continuous learning organization. Investing in the careers of our employees contributes to our culture of organizational excellence, one where employee professional development is integral to the success of the organization.   

We believe that the coaching culture at the AGCO sets us apart and helps support all employees. A key component of that is leadership development through our coaching program. We recognize that effective leadership is the driving force behind innovation, collaboration, and organizational success. Our coaching program stands as a cornerstone in our efforts to foster a coaching culture that permeates every level of our organization.  

On being named a Greater Toronto Top Employer, Abha Ghuman, Senior Eligibility Officer at the AGCO, said, “As I meet people across the organization, what strikes me is people love what they do – they’re excited and passionate about it. The organization really values the work our people do and gives them the tools to grow in those roles.” 

The AGCO puts people first by fostering a progressive, flexible and inclusive culture of accountability and trust, where our staff members feel empowered to grow.  

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