Wednesday, February 19, 2020


After 35 years of public service and 16 years at the helm of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO), Jean Major announced he will be retiring from his roles as Registrar and Chief Executive Officer by the end of August 2020.

Since 2004, Jean has been leading the AGCO on a deliberate modernization journey that has benefited every sector regulated by this organization. Under Jean’s leadership, the AGCO completely revolutionized its approach to regulation. It moved from a “one-size-fits-all” approach, in which all had to follow the same set of rigid rules, to a model where stricter conditions are only applied to areas of higher risk and where licensees have flexibility to choose how they will meet their regulatory obligations. Jean also established a culture of burden reduction, industry collaboration and customer service that are now driving principles behind all the AGCO’s work. This was all accomplished while ensuring the regulator remained a strong defender of the public interest and a responsible steward of both public and industry funds.

The AGCO’s Board of Directors and staff extend their deep appreciation to Jean and wish him all the very best for this next, well-earned chapter.


The AGCO’s Board of Directors has selected Tom Mungham to be Jean’s successor. A well-known figure to AGCO’s regulated sectors, Tom has been the AGCO’s Chief Operating Officer and an invaluable member of the AGCO’s C-Suite for the last 14 years. As one of the primary architects behind the AGCO’s transformation as a modern regulator, Tom’s inspired service and people-focused leadership has earned him the confidence and respect of stakeholders, the Board, and staff alike. Before joining the AGCO in 2006, Tom held numerous roles in government, including 11 years with the Ontario Provincial Police as Business and Financial Services Bureau Commander and Education and Development Services Bureau Commander.  

In order to ensure a smooth and seamless transition, Tom will officially take on his new roles as Registrar and CEO by the end of August 2020. Under Tom’s leadership, the AGCO will boldly move forward with its ambitious objectives, which include modernizing all aspects of its regulation, reducing regulatory burden, enhancing service to customers and citizens, and remaining a responsible employer that attracts and retains the highest caliber talent.

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