Monday, August 24, 2020

The sale of cannabis-related accessories, such as pipes and rolling papers, is allowed if done so in compliance with federal advertising requirements.

It remains illegal, however, for lottery retailers to sell cannabis-based products, including CBD oil. Illegal sale of CBD oil (or any other cannabis-based products) should be stopped immediately and the items removed from the premises. Failure to do so puts your lottery retailer registration in jeopardy.

What is CBD Oil?
CBD oil is a product made from the cannabis plant and thus captured under the definition of cannabis in the federal Cannabis Act, as well as in Ontario’s Cannabis Control Act, 2017 and the Cannabis Licence Act, 2018.

Licensed cannabis retailers

Only AGCO licensed cannabis retailers may sell recreational cannabis. All recreational cannabis goods are purchased through the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) – the only legal wholesaler of recreational cannabis in Ontario.

Ontario consumers may only legally buy medicinal cannabis products from a Health Canada licensed producer.

Edibles, topicals and extracts

In October 2019, the sale of edible cannabis products, as well as cannabis topicals and extracts, became legal in Canada. In Ontario, the OCS began selling these products in January 2020. Other than the OCS, only AGCO-licensed cannabis retailers may sell these products.

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