September 4, 2015

ORC Licensees: closely review all memos from the CPMA

In recent months, the Canadian Pari-Mutuel Agency (CPMA) has released a number of memos to Provincial Regulatory bodies and the Canadian horse racing industry. These include:

July 8 - CPMA Statement on Positive Tests

Aug 21 - CPMA Update On Ractopamine

Aug 25 - New Clenbuterol Rules Now In Effect

September 1 – Clarification - Ractopamine

Copies of these CPMA memos are attached to this Notice.

The Ontario Racing Commission (ORC) issues this Notice as a service. ORC licensees are expected to know the Rules of Racing, closely review all memos from the CPMA, and keep up to date on the Schedule of Prohibited Drugs.

Rob McKinney
Deputy Director

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