Oct 16, 2020

The AGCO has made a permanent policy change to allow those who qualify to conduct virtual liquor auctions. This change aligns with the ongoing modernization of Ontario’s liquor sector and is part of the AGCO’s continued efforts to support Ontarians and charities that have been significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Permitting virtual auctions is a burden reduction measure that will give charitable organizations, administrators, executors, and law enforcement officers more flexibility to continue operations during the current restrictions on social gatherings and into the future.  

Minor changes have also been made to the general requirements for liquor auctions and are applicable to auctions held online and at physical premises. These requirements, as well as more information about qualification, and the application process for an Auction Authorization are available in the AGCO’s Auction Authorizations Guide. 

The AGCO continues to work closely with the Government of Ontario to find ways of supporting Ontarians and the sectors it regulates. 

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