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The AGCO Internet Gaming Notification Matrix defines three categories of information that must be provided by registrants on an ongoing basis. These include:

  1. Incident-based notifications,
  2. Scheduled reports of data indicators, and
  3. Other regulatory submissions.

Operators and GRSs will use two secure data exchange mechanisms to provide the information described in the Notification Matrix:

  • iAGCO will be used for igaming incident notifications and regulatory submissions. iAGCO is the web-based system that operators and GRSs also use to submit their application for registration and will use for subsequent renewals and changes in registration information.
  • The AGCO’s Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) Data Exchange (igaming) will be used for all other regulatory data (ongoing data indicators, copies of required documents and reports, etc.),

The information provided by registrants through each of these mechanisms will be used to inform AGCO compliance planning and monitoring activities.

Before going live in Ontario’s market:

  • Registrants must ensure they fully understand AGCO requirements related to incident notifications and regulatory submissions, as outlined in the AGCO Notification Matrix.
  • The AGCO will set up accounts with appropriate access for registrants as needed on both the iAGCO and the AGCO SFTP data exchange (igaming).
  • The AGCO will provide training on the Notification Matrix and the AGCO SFTP data exchange (igaming) to operators and GRSs.

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