A Ferment on Premise (FOP) licence allows a licensee to provide a facility where equipment for making wine and beer “on the premises” is available for customers to make their own wine or beer for personal use.  

It is essential that the product be for “personal use”. Ferment on premise facilities cannot offer for sale, keep for sale, produce for sale or sell wine or beer.  In addition, the regulations do not allow the exchange or giving of alcohol on the premises.

The Liquor Licence & Control Act, 2019 and regulations set out the specific roles and responsibilities that must be exercised by a licensee (and his/her employees or agents) as part of the overall process, as well as the steps that a customer must take to produce the beer or wine.

All licensees must be registered with the Retail Sales Tax office (Ministry of Finance), in the same name they use to apply for a FOP Licence.  For information on how to obtain a federal ferment on premise registration, please visit the Canada Revenue Agency website.

All alcohol-related transactions with the AGCO can now be completed online through the iAGCO web-based portal.

New licence term options are now available when applying for and renewing licences. Licensees are now able to select a two or four year term duration, with fees payable to match the length of the term. For a description of the new fee structure, please visit the Alcohol Licensing Fees page.



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