This section is intended to provide you with support as you use iAGCO online services.

NOTE: The AGCO’s licence, permit and authorization holders do not need to take any action before their scheduled renewal date. All current licences, permits, authorizations and endorsements will transition to the new LLCA framework. 

The iAGCO online portal will be updated once the LLCA comes into effect to reflect the new framework, including changes to liquor licence types and certificates. As a result, licence and permit holders may notice the following changes when they access the iAGCO portal:

  • The names of some authorizations, licences and endorsements will change.
    • Affected licence holders will not need to take any action.
    • The new wording will be automatically updated in iAGCO and at the time of licence renewal.

Licence holders will continue to apply for a new licence, request a change or renew current licence(s) in iAGCO.

When using iAGCO online services, you are reminded that the process of completing your application takes time. This includes both the steps you must take to submit an application and the review and approval process by the AGCO’s staff. Please be sure that you have prepared everything you need to complete the submission of your application, including the required forms or documents.

For more information on iAGCO online services, visit the iAGCO Information page.

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