Prior to submitting your application to the AGCO, the municipality in your area must to be notified of your intent to apply for a liquor sales licence in writing. Please submit a copy of this notification letter with your application.

The AGCO must receive the completed liquor sales licence application and the application fee to begin processing your application. Please note that fees are non-refundable.

All new liquor sales applications will require public notice. Once your application is received and processing has begun, the AGCO will send a placard to the establishment. The placard will have to be posted in an area visible to the public for the number of days specified. A notice of application will also be posted on the AGCO website.

A new liquor sales application will take between 10 - 12 weeks to process from the date of receipt. If there is a written objection received or the information submitted is incorrect, the processing will likely take longer. All documents and fees must be submitted and paid in order for the AGCO to issue a new liquor sales licence. Note that only those bingo halls operating under the Bingo Revenue Model are eligible for a liquor sales licence.

Compliance letters from the building, fire and health departments do not have to be submitted with the application. While compliance letters can be submitted as each inspection is completed, all compliance letters must be received and reviewed by the AGCO before a licence can be issued. Once all compliance letters have been received, an inspector from the AGCO will conduct a final inspection.

When you apply for a new liquor sales licence, please contact the Ministry of Finance, Retail Sales Branch at 1-800-263-7965 to ensure that you are not in arrears and all payments are up to date. Please note that the AGCO cannot issue a liquor sales licence while provincial sales taxes are owed by the applicant.

Server training is mandatory for all new licence holders. You must ensure that all management and staff members involved in the sale and service of alcohol, including security staff (even if from an outside agency), have successfully completed approved server and sale training as of the time they start work. Smart Serve is the approved course at this time.

More detailed information and requirements regarding liquor sales licensing can be found in the Guide for First-Time Applicants for a Liquor Sales Licence.

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