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A liquor sales licence may be issued to allow the sale and service of alcohol to the public for on-site consumption.  

Only owners of a business can apply for a liquor sales licence.  The business does not have to be primarily involved with the sale and service of food or liquor, but must be located in a premises open to the public or private members (such as a social club).  Liquor licences will not be issued to private residences (unless for instance, it is for a bed and breakfast) or businesses not registered with the government.

Liquor licences may also be combined with an endorsement.  Endorsements allow licence holders to sell and serve alcohol under specific circumstances (see the Endorsements page for more information).

More detailed information and requirements regarding liquor sales licensing can be found in the attached Guide for First-Time Applicants for a Liquor Sales Licence.

Application Process

Where an application for a liquor sales licence has been filed with the AGCO and there has been no liquor sales licence at that address for at least six (6) months, the AGCO posts a public notification to allow local residents the opportunity to comment on the proposed licence.  For more information on public notification, and to view current notices of liquor licence applications, please visit the page Liquor Sales Licences - Applications in Your Municipality.

Your application will be reviewed based on risk-based principles. This means that you (the applicant), your business and your business location will be evaluated based on a set criteria. If there are potential risks to the public safety or the public interest identified as part of your application for a liquor sales licence, then there may be a further investigation conducted by the AGCO. You may be required to disclose additional personal and financial information, and/or your application may be approved subject to conditions which are designed to mitigate against the identified risks. View more information about Risk-Based Licensing.

AGCO services for Ontario’s Liquor Sales Licence holders are 100% online! You will complete all of your alcohol-related transactions with the AGCO online. For more information, please visit the iAGCO Information page.

All alcohol-related transactions with the AGCO must now be completed online through the iAGCO web-based portal. All transactions are offered online only.

Licensees can select a two or four year term duration when applying for and renewing licences or authorizations, with fees payable to match the length of the term. For a description of the  fee structure, please visit the Alcohol Licensing Fees page.


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