In light of the recent US indictments related to allegations that racehorses had been given performance-enhancing drugs, the AGCO is reminding trainers that, to be eligible to race, they must obtain an approved trainer transfer for any horse coming from a trainer who is suspended in any jurisdiction.

With the launch of iAGCO,...

To make it easier for cannabis retailers to delegate regulatory reporting to their staff, the AGCO is providing you with the option to set up a store-specific iAGCO account for reporting purposes.

To set up an iAGCO account for reporting purposes:

Create a new email account to use for regulatory reporting Register the...
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To participate in racing in Ontario, licensees must:

Ensure they hold a valid licence Know their AGCO licence number so their licence status can be verified in iAGCO Be prepared to provide government photo identification to verify their identity

With the launch of iAGCO services, the AGCO no longer issues AGCO horse...

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