Tuesday, June 16, 2020

In light of the recent US indictments related to allegations that racehorses had been given performance-enhancing drugs, the AGCO is reminding trainers that, to be eligible to race, they must obtain an approved trainer transfer for any horse coming from a trainer who is suspended in any jurisdiction.

With the launch of iAGCO, trainers of such horses must make an online Regulatory Submission – Declaration for Transfer of Trainer prior to entering a horse to race in Ontario. A Signature of Owner(s) (Declaration for Transfer of Trainer) form containing paper or electronic signatures of all owners of the horse must be included in the submission.

AGCO Racing Official approval is required for the transfer under the Rules of Racing and final determination is at their sole discretion. When reviewing an application for transfer, Racing Officials consider the following:  

  1. The degree of closeness of any relationship, whether it be fiduciary, employee/employer and/or family in nature
  2. The past conduct of the proposed trainer
  3. The licensing history of the proposed trainer.

To ensure timely review and approval of the transfer prior to racing, trainers are advised to make their regulatory submission several days in advance of the entry date for their intended race date.

For more information on the considerations that AGCO Judges and Stewards make when reviewing transfers, see Policy Directive 2-2008: Trainer Transfer Guidelines.  

Note: If you are not new to racing in Ontario and this is your first time using iAGCO, you must obtain a one-time access code prior to creating your iAGCO account.

Helpful Resources

See how to make a Regulatory Submission Declaration for Transfer of Trainer in the AGCO Horse Racing Licence Guide: Individuals and Administrative.

If you are new to iAGCO, watch this 2-minute tutorial on How to Create an iAGCO Account and this one on How to Make a Regulatory Submission.

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