February 26, 2020

In preparation for the launch of iAGCO online services for horse racing licensees, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) has revised the fee schedule for all breeds to reduce administrative burden, streamline business processes and harmonize requirements between breeds where possible. 

While the majority of fees will stay the same, a select few will be amended to reflect a number of process changes that will be implemented once the AGCO launches iAGCO online services for horse racing licensees. Fee changes will take effect on March 2, 2020.

In alignment with fee schedule revisions, the AGCO is also introducing multi-breed licensing in select licence categories, which will allow applicants to apply for one licence valid across multiple breeds (e.g. a Veterinarian may hold one Veterinarian Licence which allows them to work with Standardbred, Thoroughbred and Quarter Horses).

Multi-breed licensing will be available for the following licence categories: Owner, Veterinarian, Tradesperson, Pari-Mutuel, Groom, Hot Walker, Occupational, Program Breed, Association Official, Commission Official, Exercise Person, Jockey, Authorized Agent, Trainer, Assistant Trainer, Stable or Corporate Manager, Jockey Agent, Jockey Valet, Apprentice Jockey.

Fee Schedule Revision Summary:

Licence Category

Current Fee (CAD)

New Fee (CAD)


Multi-breed Licensing

Various depending on licence type

Various depending on licence type – single fee regardless of licensee works in multiple breeds

  • Applicants now only need to apply once, based on licence type, rather than multiple times to work across more than one breed.

Appointment  of Authorized Agent 

  • $75 annually in TB/QH* licensing
  • Not registered by AGCO in SB* Licensing

$75 on a one-time basis regardless of breed

  • Licensing process is now aligned for all breeds
  • Fee is now a one-time payment where Owners are only required to register an Authorized Agent once (when adding that person to act as their Authorized Agent).  There is no fee to remove an Authorized Agent. 

Authorized Agent

  • $100 annually, where authority includes claiming, collection of purse funds, buy and sell horses

$100 annually, where authority only includes claiming

  • Licensing requirements are now harmonized between breeds
  • Trainers claiming horses on behalf of an Owner must obtain an Authorized Agent licence

Claiming Certificate

  • $130 TB and QH (valid for one year)
  • $25 SB (valid for 30 days)

$130 regardless of breed (valid for one year)

  • Claiming Certificate process is now harmonized between breeds


Special Event Teletheatre

  • No current fee


  • Fee now aligns with other AGCO lines of business (i.e. licence type for special event permits)

Off-track Teletheatre Location Registration

$100 annually

$100 annually

  • Off-track teletheatres will now register directly with the AGCO

*Horse breed acronyms used in chart:  TB – Thoroughbred; QH – Quarter Horse; SB – Standardbred

In an effort to consolidate these changes, the AGCO has established a unified fee schedule with the aim to amalgamate licence and administration fees that require similar activities throughout all breeds.  Other than the changes identified in the table above, there are no other changes to fees in the consolidated list below.

Standardbred, Thoroughbred, and Quarter Horse Racing Unified Fee Schedule

Licence Category

Fee Amount (CAD)

New applicant

$20.00 (Per Applicant)


$100.00 (Annual)


$100.00 (Annual)


$100.00 (Annual)


$100.00 (Annual)

Assistant Trainer (Thoroughbred / Quarter Horse)

$65.00 (Annual)


$130.00 (Annual)

Apprentice Jockey

$65.00 (Annual)

Jockey Agent

$100.00 (Annual)

Jockey Valet

$45.00 (Annual)


$65.00 (Per Partnership)

Colours Registration

$65.00 (Annual)

$200.00 (Lifetime)

Waiver of fees due to recent changes

Registration of Lease (Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse only)*

*Standardbred Canada maintains the registration of lease information for Standardbred horses on behalf of the AGCO.

$65.00 (Per Lease)


$20.00 (Annual)

Hot Walker

$20.00 (Annual)

Exercise Person

$20.00 (Annual)


$130.00 (Annual)

Authorized Agent

$100.00 (Annual)

Appointment of Authorized Agent

$75.00 (One-time)

Tradesperson – Employer

$45.00 (Annual)

Tradesperson – Employee

                 $20.00 (Annual)

Pari-Mutuel Ticket Seller

$30.00 (Annual)

Spouse of Licensee

$20.00 (Annual)


$20.00 (Annual)

Program Breed

$20.00 (Annual)

Association Official

No charge

Stable or Corporate Manager

$100.00 (Annual)


$200.00 (Annual)

Claiming Certificate

$130.00 (Per Claim)


$50.00 (Per Estate)

Operator - Pari-Mutuel Operations Licence

No charge

Fair or Non-Extended Meet Licence

$200.00 (Per Day)

Registration Category

Fee Amount (CAD)

Off-track Special Event Teletheatre Location Registration

$50.00 (Per Day)

  • Off-track Telethreatre Registration

$100.00 (Annual)


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