5.1 Bingo paper must be of sufficient weight and quality to ensure that the ink does not spread or bleed through the sheet, thereby obscuring the numbers or symbols or faces of other sheets when assembled.

5.2 Bingo paper shall be manufactured to ensure that:

  1. face identification numbers appear at least once outside the play area of each face;
  2. number patterns or patterns of symbols and face identification numbers cannot dupli­cate each other individually or collectively within a series;
  3. duplicate face identification numbers are not permitted within a series; and
  4. a proper colour designation, or special game designation, appears on each bingo face.

5.3 Every carton or package of bingo paper must contain, at a minimum, the following information:

  1. name of the bingo paper manufacturer;
  2. series;
  3. serial number of the series, unless the Registrar has approved a method other than serialization for tracking bingo paper purchased, sold or in inventory;
  4. serial number and colour of the top sheet for packets;
  5. description of the product, number of pages in the packet, the cut of the bingo paper and the marketing name;
  6. number of packets contained in the carton; and
  7. number of the carton and the total number of cartons included in the marketing unit.

5.4 All bingo paper must remain in the labelled cartons while in inventory at a bingo hall.

5.5 The Operator of the bingo hall and licensee must properly account for all unsold bingo paper returned after each licensed bingo event.

5.6 Bingo paper shall only be cut or collated by a registered Gaming-Related Supplier who is a bingo paper manufacturer.