8.1 The Table Board Bingo device must be in compliance with the Criminal Code (Canada), the terms and conditions of the bingo licence, Standards and Directives prescribed by the Registrar and any terms and conditions of the equipment approval.

8.2 The mechanical shutters on the Table Board Bingo device must be capable of being phys­ically moved by a player.

8.3 A Table Board Bingo device must not accept any form of payment, nor can the device pay out any winnings.

8.4 Each Table Board Bingo station must have a unique bingo permutation to ensure there are no duplicate cards in the bingo hall.

8.5 The player or any other unauthorized person must not be able to activate the Table Board Bingo device(s) or any Table Board Bingo station.

8.6 Table Board Bingo devices require a secure activation system, such as an electronic or a magnetic key or wand, or swipe card, to activate the device. Once activated, a clear indicator, such as a light, should appear to inform the player that the Table Board Bingo station is active.

8.7 The indicator or light referred to in Section 8.6 must be clearly visible to participating and surrounding players, and to hall staff.

8.8 A computer system may only be used for administrative purposes and in the tracking of players participating in the Table Board Bingo event. The computer system and version number must be provided to the Registrar. Where such a computer system is in use, it must comply with the following:

  1. The computer system must only allow access to the authorized user.
  2. Each individual indicator or light must communicate with the computer system to verify the playing positions participating in the Table Board Bingo event. If any Table Board Bingo station does not communicate with the computer system, that Table Board Bingo station must be removed from play; and
  3. The computer system must not allow a player to join a Table Board Bingo event in progress.

8.9 The computer or other tracking equipment must have the capability for auto verification and auto recall. It must provide a reconciliation report for each Table Board Bingo event which must include:

  1. total gross sales;
  2. total prizes awarded;
  3. number of events played;
  4. number of positions played; and
  5. recall capability of previous Table Board Bingo events for a period of one calendar year.