bingo means a lottery where consideration is given for a chance to win a prize or prizes consist­ing of cash or merchandise by being the first to complete a specified arrangement of numbers or symbols on bingo paper from numbers or symbols selected at random.

bingo hall means a type of charitable gaming site where a charitable organization conducts and manages a lottery scheme under the authority of a licence issued by a municipality or by the Registrar.

bingo paper means a printed device of numbers or symbols on disposable paper, cards or books or reusable hardboard, table board, shutter board or plastic cards.

bingo playing cards means a deck of cards with each card representing a bingo number or symbol. Bingo Playing Cards are drawn from a shoe or similar device to determine the numbers or symbols in a bingo game.

charitable gaming event means an event at a bingo hall for which a licensee is licensed to conduct and manage one or more lotteries, including bingo, break open tickets and raffles.

charitable gaming site means a gaming site where a charitable organization conducts and manages a lottery scheme under the authority of a licence issued by a municipality or by the Registrar.

collation means a group of packets or books of bingo paper assembled from more than one set of cards.

cut means the layout or orientation of bingo paper subdivided from a master sheet of cards or faces. A cut can be square, horizontal or vertical.

face means a pre-printed pattern of numbers or symbols that pertains to the style of event being played and contains a unique face identification number.

face identification number means the number printed in the playing area and/or at least one location outside the playing area of the bingo face that identifies the unique pattern of numbers or symbols printed on the face.

Gaming-Related Supplier means a person who manufactures, provides, installs, tests, main­tains or repairs gaming equipment or who provides consulting or similar services directly related to the playing of a lottery scheme or the operation of a gaming site and who is regis­tered under the Gaming Control Act, 1992.

gaming site — premises or an electronic channel maintained for the purpose of playing or oper­ating a lottery scheme.

Hall Charities Association means an association formed by all the licensees conducting bingo and other charitable gaming events within a bingo hall.

licence means a licence issued to an eligible organization under the Criminal Code (Canada) by or under the authority of the Lieutenant Governor in Council, to conduct and manage a lottery scheme approved by the Registrar.

licensee means the holder of a licence.

lottery means a scheme for which a licence is available pursuant to s. 207(1)(b) of the Criminal Code (Canada).

Operator means the operator of a gaming site.

packet means a group of cards or sheets of cards collated into a book where each page or sheet of the book is intended to be used to play a separate bingo event.

personal bingo verifier (PBV) means a hand-held device that may be used by individual players to keep track of and verify numbers or symbols called by the bingo caller in the normal way. The bingo event must be played at all times through bingo paper with numbers or symbols dabbed by players in the conventional manner.

Registrar means the Registrar of Alcohol and Gaming.

serial number means the unique number assigned by the bingo paper manufacturer that appears on the first page of each packet of bingo paper. U Pick Paper does not have a serial number assigned by the manufacturer.

series means a specific group of cards or faces that have been assigned consecutive card or face numbers by the bingo paper manufacturer.

Table Board Bingo (also known as “Shutter Board Bingo”) means a bingo event played on a mechanical Table Board Bingo device.

Table Board Bingo device (also known as “Shutter Board Bingo device”) means a device that contains permanent bingo cards with built-in shutters. The players mark the card by pushing across a shutter to cover the number or symbol called. Table Board Bingo devices do not include hardboard bingo cards with windows.

U Pick System means a system that combines point-of-sale game management and capabilities to print bingo paper based on numbers or symbols pre-selected by a player.