9.1 A U Pick System must not be used unless it has been approved by the Registrar.

9.2 An Operator must not permit the installation or use of an approved U Pick System except in accordance with the approval, any Standards and Directives prescribed by the Registrar and any terms and conditions of the equipment approval.

9.3 A U Pick System must not be modified unless the Registrar has given prior written approval.

9.4 The U Pick System must not accept any form of payment, nor can the device pay out any winnings.

9.5 The player or any other unauthorized person must not be able to activate the U Pick System.

9.6 The U Pick System must only be used to generate bingo paper for use in playing a U Pick event. Bingo paper must only be generated at the bingo hall based on numbers selected by a player at the time of purchase. Only bingo paper generated by a U Pick System may be used in conjunction with a U Pick event; non-carbon-based, fillable paper or other sub­stitutes may not be used.

9.7 The U Pick System must have the capability for auto verification and auto recall. It must provide a reconciliation report for each U Pick event, which must include:

  1. total gross sales;
  2. number of games played;
  3. number of combinations played; and
  4. recall capability of previous U Pick events for a period of one calendar year.