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12.08    If a horse is claimed, it shall not be sold or transferred to anyone in whole or in part, except in a claiming race, for a period of thirty (30) clear days from the date of claim. It shall not, unless reclaimed, remain in the same stable or under control or management of its former owner or trainer for the same thirty (30) clear days.

12.09    The papers of any horse that is claimed must be for warded, forth with, by the Association’s Racing Secretary’s Offices to the American Quarter Horse Association so that they may record the transfer of ownership.

12.11    All claims must be signed, sealed and deposited in a locked box at least 15 minutes before the scheduled post time of the race in which the claim is made. Such box shall be in the custody of the Racing Secretary. The following information must be correctly filled in on the Claim Blank:

  1. Date of claim
  2. Printed name(s) and appropriate signature(s)
  3. Authorized Agent number if required
  4. Correct claiming price
  5. The number of the race from which the horse is to be claimed
  6. Name of the horse
  7. Designated trainer
  8. Initial claiming form, if applicable.

Typographical or minor technical errors may be accepted at the discretion of the Stewards.

12.12    Not earlier than 15 minutes before and not later than ten minutes before each race, the Racing Secretary shall open the claim box and note on the envelope containing each claim the official post time of the race in question which he/she shall take from the official program. Immediately thereafter and in no event later than post time of each race, he/she shall deliver or cause to be delivered to the stewards all claims that were in the claims’ box for the race in question. No money shall accompany the claim.

12.23    If a filly or mare has been bred, she is ineligible to be entered into a claiming race.

12.24.02    Delete.

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