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With the exception of the following, all other rules in this chapter are deleted:

30.04  A first application for a jockey’s licence shall be accompanied by:

  1. Evidence that the applicant has had at least one year’s experience with a racing stable which is acceptable to the Stewards;
  2. His/her birth certificate or acceptable proof of his/ her date of birth.

30.06  No jockey shall carry a whip in a race until he/ she has ridden in at least five races and then only with permission of the Stewards.

30.07  All jockeys’ licenses shall be granted on a probationary basis. The Stewards may suspend this licence for any period of time determined by them if in their opinion the jockey re quires more experience or expertise before being allowed to continue riding. If the Stewards act under this rule they may make whatever adjustments they deem necessary.


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