7.3.1 (A) Provincial licensing authority

The Order-in-Council gives the Registrar sole authority to issue lottery licences allowing eligible organizations to conduct and manage:

  • break open ticket lotteries in conjunction with another licensed lottery event;
  • break open ticket lotteries in an unorganized territory, on Crown lands or in First Nations communities that do not have their own Order-in-Council;
  • break open ticket lotteries at designated fairs or exhibitions, regardless of whether or not they have licences to sell tickets at break open ticket Seller locations (see 7.7.1(D) Designated fair or exhibition locations); and
  • provincial break open ticket (PBOT) lotteries.

7.3.1 (B) Municipal licensing authority

Municipalities issue licences permitting eligible organizations to conduct break open ticket lotteries from locations within their own boundaries, provided the break open ticket lotteries are not conducted and managed in conjunction with another licensed gaming event.

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