Risk-Based Registration

The AGCO employs a risk-based approach to the processing of applications for gaming registrations. For more information about risk-based registration, please see Information Bulletin No. 68.


All lottery and gaming registration applications must be completed online through the iAGCO portal. To apply for or renew your registration, please visit the portal, create an account and follow the steps as directed.


Sixty days before your current registration expires, the AGCO will send you an online access code. Once you have created your iAGCO account, use the online access code to link information already on file and go online to conduct all of your AGCO-related transactions. You will receive your registration by email, once approved, which you can print yourself. It is your responsibility to ensure that your registration does not expire.

Changes in Registration

The Registrar must be informed when a change occurs in a registration. The notification requirements will vary based on the type of change.

Change in Officers, Directors or Ownership Structure:

A registered supplier is required to obtain the written consent of the Registrar prior to any change in the officers, directors or shareholder of a corporation or any change in the membership of a partnership.

All new officers and directors are required to complete and submit to the Registrar a “Personal Disclosure Form”.

All new shareholders and new partners may be required to complete and submit additional information to the Registrar. Detailed information regarding which forms are required is included with the application form.

Note that when a change in ownership occurs at a third party location, the registration as a break open ticket seller cannot be transferred to the new owner.

The new owner must make an application to the Registrar for registration as a break open ticket seller in order to continue selling. Until such time as the new owner is registered, the sale of break open tickets is prohibited.

Change of Name:

Suppliers: A registered supplier is required to inform the Registrar, via iAGCO, of any change to a business or operating name. The Registrar may request additional documentation.

Employees: A registered employee is required to inform the Registrar, via iAGCO, of any name change.

Proof of name change is required with appropriate fee for the replacement certificate of registration.

Change of Address:

A registered supplier or employee is required to inform the Registrar via iAGCO, within five days, of any change in address (residence, business or service). Addresses must include street name and number, or lot, concession, and rural route numbers, city, postal code and telephone number, and if applicable facsimile number. A post office box number or a rural route number alone is not acceptable.

Cancellation of Registration:

To cancel a registration, a request via iAGCO must be made to the Registrar. The effective date of the cancellation is the date that the request is received by the AGCO.

Replacement of a Certificate of Registration:

To obtain a replacement certificate of registration, a request via iAGCO must be made to the Registrar.