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The AGCO encourages innovation in Ontario’s gaming industry by supporting the early adoption of new technology/concepts. Existing Technical Standards are based on known technology, and may not extend or apply to innovative concepts or technologies. In the absence of Technical Standards, interim approvals will be based on the principles of technical integrity, safety, security, and accounting capability. Stakeholders are encouraged to submit innovative concepts or technology for approval at any time after consultation with the AGCO Gaming Lab, including when relevant technical standards have not yet been developed.

Early consultations with the AGCO Gaming Lab at the concept and/or design phase in the product development life cycle allow for effective planning of the introduction of new technology/concepts to Ontario, and enable the Registrar to expedite approval of new technology/concepts.


It is assumed that standard industry practices will be applied (standard software develop- ment practices, design and development including handling of abnormal operations, etc.). Therefore, they are not included in these standards.

It is recognized that the evolution of technology and game design may result in some standards becoming obsolete. In such cases, we encourage the Suppliers to contact the Director/Deputy Registrar to discuss how the proposed technology/game design can com- ply with the intent of these standards.

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