The government of Ontario has announced the AGCO as the regulator for privately run recreational cannabis stores. 

Applying its experience as the province’s regulator of the alcohol, gaming and horse racing sectors, the AGCO’s focus will be on the safe, responsible and lawful sale of cannabis, consistent with the government legislation.


Applying to Open a Cannabis Retail Store

In order to operate a cannabis retail store in Ontario, you must apply for both a Retail Operator Licence (as an individual) and a Retail Store Authorization (for each retail location you intend to open.)

For information about the application process and other regulatory and legal aspects of operating a cannabis retail store, consult the Cannabis Retail Regulation Guide.


How to apply online for a:

Retail Operator Licence (applications open to the public as of Jan 6, 2020) or a

Retail Store Authorization (applications open to the public as of Mar 2, 2020).

For information on the allocation process for cannabis stores on First Nations Reserves, see Stores on First Nations Reserves.

All applications must be completed online via iAGCO.  There are no paper or pdf application forms available.

Stay informed

Please submit inquires to Customer Service by using the iAGCO portal or call 416-326-8700 (1-800-522-2876 toll-free in Ontario).  You do not need an account to make an inquiry.

More information

Information about Ontario’s approach to cannabis legalization can be found at

For more information about the legalization and regulation of cannabis in Canada, please visit

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All other inquiries

Submit inquiries or complaints through the iAGCO portal or call 416-326-8700 (1-800-522-2876 toll-free in Ontario).

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