The AGCO’s corporate communications function provides a range of services and products that helps the agency deliver on its strategic objectives in a way that cultivates relationships of trust, understanding and support with all of its internal and external stakeholders. These stakeholders include the licensees and registrants of the sectors it regulates, municipal and provincial governments, the public at large and AGCO employees.

Communication activities include issues management, media relations, digital communications channel and content development and the planning and support for agency initiatives and stakeholder engagement activities. These services help the agency provide stakeholders with the information that matters to them, at the right time and in the right place, while serving the public interest.

Wherever possible, channels are developed to be “two-way” so as to allow for meaningful exchanges between the AGCO and its audiences. Products and information are developed to effectively deliver messages using the latest digital, visual and rich media content. The AGCO is also committed to making content easily accessible and available in English and French.

The agency continuously monitors it communications strategies and products for usability, engagement and satisfaction in order to support their continuous improvement.