This page shows the names of AGCO Board Members for which Travel, Meal & Hospitality Expenses have been disclosed. It is not a complete list of current Board Members.

View the biographies of current AGCO Board Members.

Cette page affiche les noms des membres du conseil d'administration d'AGCO pour lesquels les frais de déplacement, de repas et d'accueil ont été divulgués. Il ne s'agit pas d'une liste complète des membres actuels du Conseil.

Consultez les biographies des membres actuels du conseil d'administration d'AGCO.

Buchanan, ElmerBoard Member to September 21, 2020
Ford, BerylBoard Member to September 29, 2016
Ford, BrianBoard Member to September 16, 2016
Forestell, DaveBoard Member
Holmes, JaneBoard Member to January 2019
Hunt, KirstiVice-Chair to April 8, 2014
Kerr, S. GraceChair to May 30, 2019
Leong, PhilipBoard Member to July 16, 2020
Mclarty, DouglasBoard Member
Meslin, EleanorChair to February 19, 2016
Miller, BruceBoard Member to December 2, 2016
Nagel, LindaBoard Member to December 2018
Williams, EricBoard Member to September 21, 2020

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