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The AGCO continues to invest in technology, leveraging digital platforms to deliver accessible, reliable, secure, and customer-centric services to Ontarians. At the centre of AGCO’s digital-first strategy, in alignment with Ontario’s Digital and Data Strategy, is the iAGCO platform. iAGCO provides online services for alcohol, lottery and gaming, horse racing and cannabis. AGCO will be developing a cloud strategy to increase the resiliency of systems and decrease the delivery times of enhancements and new functionality.

The AGCO recognizes that data is a key pillar supporting the agency’s risk-based approach to regulation. In recognition of this, the AGCO has created an Enterprise Data and Analytics function to support the development of data channels, management, and governance of data to support the AGCO’s vision of becoming a modern, evidence-based regulator with data-driven decision-making.

Cyber attacks are a significant threat to all government entities. The AGCO has created a cybersecurity roadmap and implemented significant controls to assist in the identification of phishing and social engineering attacks. Further investment in people, processes and technology will continue to reduce the possibility of successful cyber attacks, protect personal information and increase the response and recovery capabilities of AGCO.

With the AGCO’s digital-first strategy, there is an increased focus on the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data and IT systems. Additional investment is being made to ensure the resilience of core systems, such as iAGCO, in the event of a disaster.

In alignment with AGCO’s social responsibility principles, the agency will be looking to reduce its overall carbon footprint by implementing a print reduction strategy.

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