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10.01  Each jockey shall have only one agent. All engagements to ride made prior to the drawing of entries for that specific race, other than those for his/her contract employer, shall be made by their agent. However, a jockey not represented by an agent may make their own engagements. In an emergency, an owner or trainer, when directed by the Stewards, shall book the services of a jockey by negotiating with him/her personally.

10.02  It is the responsibility of the jockey’s agent to be present at the time of drawing of any program in which any of their jockeys have engagements to ride. If, in the event of mitigating circumstances, the agent is unable to be present, he/she must be represented by another licensed individual authorized by the agent to act on their behalf.

10.03  No jockeys’ agent shall act at the same time for more than two jockeys and one apprentice jockey.

10.04  No jockeys’ agent shall make or assist in making any engagement for any rider other than those he/she represents.

10.05  Jockey agents shall not be allowed in the saddling area, the paddock or winners’ circle without the permission of the Stewards, unless the jockey agent is an owner of the winning horse in which case he or she shall be allowed in the winners’ circle without permission of the Stewards.

10.06  Jockey agents shall not communicate in any way with any jockey from the time the jockey leaves the jockey room before a race until the jockey has returned to the jockey room after the race.

10.07  Before a jockey agent’s application for a licence is approved by the Registrar such jockey agent shall file with the Stewards a complete list of the jockeys for whom he/she acts as a jockey agent.

10.08  Should any jockey agent cease to be an agent for any jockey, such jockey agent shall promptly notify the Stewards accordingly.

10.09  Should any jockey wish to change his/her jockey agent, he/she shall promptly notify the Stewards accordingly.

10.10  Should any jockey agent cease to be an agent for their last jockey, he/she shall within seven days after ceasing to be an agent for any jockey, either become an agent for another jockey or deliver their licence to the Stewards for delivery to the Registrar.

10.11  No applicant for a jockey agent’s licence shall be eligible for licensing unless their past experience in thoroughbred racing is acceptable to the board of Stewards or Registrar, or the applicant has successfully completed an examination held by the board of Stewards.

10.12  No horse owned by a jockey’s agent or their spouse shall race in any race where another horse is ridden by a jockey whose book is held by that agent or their spouse.

10.13  An agent, or a jockey acting on his/her behalf, may accept engagements to ride at more than one track in the Province of Ontario for any given race date.

Updates to Thoroughbred — Chapter 10: Engagement of Riders, Employees and Jockeys’ Agents

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